Be Cool, Be Cold

Regenerate your body’s wellness with BIKUN, pleasant freshness!

  • Improves the circulation
  • Heals inflammations
  • Reactivates the lymphatic system
  • Frees the body from toxins
  • Donates back life energy
  • Drains excessive liquids
  • Applies Detox baths


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Refreshing gel pad

An old remedy made new technology

Detox Baths

This technique is well known as an important mean to improve our lifestyle by shifting the toxins and fats from the periphery of the body back in the digestive system.


People find it hard to believe that such an easy and simple process can yield such tremendous benefits.


The frequency and the effectiveness of Bikun are closely related. To attain the benefits it’s necessary to have at least a 15 minute application four times a week. However, it is advisable to make it part your daily routine.


After having cooled the pad in the freezer for at least 60 minutes, apply it to the groin area.


Bikun application is ideal during moments of relaxation or following athletic activities. Applications can be made more than once per day.



Medical device

Designed and created in Italy, Bikun is certified by the Italian Health Ministry as a type one medical device.