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We will begin to explain what Detox Baths are and the countless benefits this technique can bring to our lifestyle if used on a daily basis. The technique named “Detox Bath”, or “Derivative Bath”, has been developed from the studies of Louis Kuhne in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century in Germany, more or less simultaneously with Neo-Naturopathy’s birth. Kuhne, frequently referred as a “Genius of Healing”, was an expert in hydrotherapy and as the creator of this technique (originally called “Friction Sitz Bath”) claimed to have cured various diseases from back pain to irritable bowel syndrome, impotence and more. Through the course of history, this technique has been studied, improved on and its status has changed from cure to prevention. Presently, thanks to France Guillain (renowned Naturopath, Journalist, Mathematician and Physicist) the technique of the Detox Bath is well known all over Europe as an important means to improve our lifestyle by “shifting the toxins and fats from the periphery of the body back into the colon” (Khalil & Baker, 2008).

Inspired by Kuhne’s outstanding work with hydrotherapy, Guillain wrote several books to explain the countless benefits that this simple technique can bring to everyone.

According to this, the fundamental action of the Detox Bath is to produce a vibration in the intestines and the fascia (interconnecting tissue covering all internal organs). This vibration sets in motion a mechanism that transports digestion’s leftover fats and toxins to the intestines, from where they are later eliminated.

The technique used to trigger this effect consists of soaking a cloth, sponge or bath glove in the cold water, then gently rubbing the groin area in a downward motion from the hipbone to the perineum”.

The main arteries serve the perineum area and the groin. Besides being the center of the lymphatic system, the groin and the perineum are one of the highest nerve-concentration areas of our body; always being warm these areas are subject to toxins deposit. What allows toxins to travel through the body is initially the heat due to stress, heavy digestion, strong emotions or every psychophysical shock. The thermal difference between the heat of the body and the cold water causes muscular contraction in the pelvic area. These contractions are what Guillain refers to when she writes about “vibration” and serves as a stimulation of the lymphatic, cardiovascular and nervous system.

The BIKUN® system is based on cooling the pelvic area, the core area of the body, around the sexual organs up to the perineum. The power of the Detox Bath is precisely its act on these areas that are so delicate but also so damaged because of our sedentary and stressed lifestyles. This free-water based method alleviates pain and symptoms, increases mobility and generally improves the overall functioning of the body. Once the Detox Bath principle and its effectiveness were clear to us we started to think about how to make this technique possible for anyone and, as such, make it fast, comfortable and effective.


Khalil R. & Baker L., 2008, “The new Detox Bath”, Dream Team Publishing Ltd, UK.

Benefits of Detox Baths

Don’t be tempted to take the Detox Bath lightly because it’s so simple. Try it out and you will experience the benefits listed below, often from the first week.


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