General conditions

The right of withdrawal can be exercised at any time after the conclusion of the purchase procedure, but always within 20 consecutive calendar days from the moment of the merchandize receiving, through communication to Punto salute e benessere of Busca Sergio of the willingness to exercise the right of withdrawal and providing the following data:

  • Number and date of receipt invoice;
  • In case of partial withdrawal, description and amount of products that the consumer wants to return, bank account details in order to obtain the credit transfer reimbursement ( CAB CODE – ABI CODE – CURRENT ACCOUNT ).

If the nominee of the account is different from the one indicated on till receipt it must be indicated. In alternative of the credit transfer reimbursement, the consumer can request the reimbursement through cashier’s check.

The withdrawal request and the asked data can be transmitted to into the following ways:

– sending an e-mail to address :

– calling the number: +

– sending a registered letter with receiving advice to the following address: Punto e Salute Benessere of Busca Sergio registered office in Padova (PD) Piazza del Santo 14A – CAP 35123.

At the same address of, within 20 days from the merchandize receiving, the consumer will have to return it (totally or partially), through ordinary postal package.

The reimbursement of the already paid amount and correspondent to the entire order (expedition contributes included) or for the part of the returned products (in this case the expedition contributes are exclude) will be effectuated freely and with the chosen modalities, within 14 days from the expedition of the merchandize from the consumer.

Right of withdrawal

The legislative Decree 22/05/1999 n. 185 relayed to the protection of consumers relating to distance contracts, expects at art. 5 the possibility for the consumer to exercise the withdrawal right. This right consists into the possibility exclusively in favor of the consumer, to withdraw from the purchase without expense and giving no explication. But the consumer will must return the eventually already received purchased products. will reimburse to the consumer the eventually already expended paid for the payment of the products price and the contribute of the expedition contributes.