BIKUN.EU will send, after the conclusion of the order, a mail message to confirm the receipt of order : the customer is prayed to print and preserve it.

If the customer doesn’t receive it, he/she will contact BIKUN.EU. In case of impossibility, even temporal, to respond the order partially or totally, BIKUN.EU will send an e-mail to take agreement with the customer, and of course the customer will also have the possibility to annul the order itself, even its partial annulment.



BIKUN.EU makes use of a partner of absolute prestige into the delivery service, in Italy and all around the world: Italian Mails SPA – SDA Express Courier.

Usually for the orders received before 10.30, their processing occurs on the day and the delivery happens within four working days. For the orders received after 10.30, the process happens the next day.

To remember

The indicated times are those of the Italian Mails SPA, and so we can’t grant them, even if they have almost always been respected. The delivery happens from Monday to Friday during the working time.

The Courier makes the delivery at the first passage; if he doesn’t find anybody at the domicile, the package will be available at the competent Mail Office. BIKUN.EU will make all the possible in order to make deliver the product within the indicated terms. The costumer is prayed to take contact with BIKUN.EU in case of the late delivery and signal any case of disservice observed.


We deliver expeditions up to 2 kg. at package.

The price indicated into the bill is the same that is indicated beside the product at the moment of the conclusion of the order, without keeping in cont eventual adjournment subsequently intervened. BIKUN.EU reserves the right to vary the products prices and the charge of fee without any advanced warning. The eventual new imports will be effective from the moment when they will be publicized   on the website : and will be applied to the sales that will be made from that moment.

Shipping costs

All prices are intended VAT (22%) included.


  • € 6,50


calculation based on package weight

  • € 9,00 from 0 to 500g.
  • € 11,00 from 501 to 1000g.
  • € 15,00 from 1001 to 2000g.



For every order higher than € 29,00 shipping is free, for every destination in Italy.