The key for a proper and long-lasting weight loss is the increase of physical activity and the minimization of sedentary lifestyle, since the movement involves the loss of adipose tissue and increases the metabolism’s activity. Regular exercise consumes fat reserves for energy purposes and produces new lean mass. What is more, physical activity improves and stabilizes the mood, improving the relationship with food and scale. The right level of movement is achieved by practicing aerobic activity for about 3 hours per week, which corresponds to 30 min per day and 10,00 steps per day.

Another precaution that could be taken is avoiding the elevator and making small trips on foot. For those who have not many time to spend in exercises, the “signal of the hunter” can be turned on, which consists of alternating brief moments of effort (20-30 seconds) to brief moments of walk (another 30-40 seconds) that encourages fat consumption with only 15-20 minutes of daily physical activity.
So, no more excuses!


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